Friday, June 26, 2009

Not Michael!

So yesterday afternoon when I started seeing facebook posts saying Michael was dead, I just didn't believe it. I hoped it was some kind of publicity stunt, especially when the intitial source was TMZ. I was devistated when it was confirmed my major news stations.

Michael Jackson played a major part in my childhood. My parent's old home had a living room in which one wall was completely covered with mirrors. I used to spend countless hours in that room, practicing my ballet positions, perfecting my flips from gymnastics, and dancing. Michael was one of my favorite performers growning up, and I used to always try to emulate him. I could never get the moonwalk though.

I remember being picked for a special dance group to perform to Black or White. I remember dancing with my brother as my dad played all his LP's. I remember the first time I saw Thriller with my family, and how I was so scared but didn't want to admit it.

Michael played an important part of my life, and despite the controversy that plague him later in his life, he'll always be my idol!

Here are some of my favorite songs through the years...

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